Founder of Zaaso
~ Johanna Maria van den Berg ~

„ I came to Zanzibar in 2003 – with the dream of a life in paradise, near to the beautiful Indian Ocean with the best beaches all around. What I found was mainly a bit different – huge mishandling and mistreatment of animals, overloaded cows & donkeys and lots of suffering animals. In the same year, someone poisoned my beloved dog, Simon. My heart was broken. And from day to day to see the overloaded animals on the road I got the strong wish to do something to change their life forever. I helped an injured donkey on the road and came the day later to look after him – that was the point where I made the decision to build something up to help and save as many animals as I can in Zanzibar and so far I am still doing it more than 10 years later.“

~ In a world where you can be anything, be kind ~