Volunteers & Interns 2024/2025: BOOKINGS ARE OPEN. Come join us, help save our animals. Download the volunteer pack or email us : zaasokianga@hotmail.co.uk.  More info also available here

ZAASO is a non-profit NGO horse & donkey sanctuary, and also provides a general animal clinic services.

Our Aims and Objectives

    • Provide the community with education on Animal Rights – animals have a right not to be mishandled!
    • Stop animal overloading, beating, mishandling and animal cruelty
    • Provide education awareness encouraging the affection and love of animals
    • Initiate ZASSO development projects to encourage the active participation of the community in the process of self empowerment
    • Mobilise funds locally and internationally for ZAASO’s development to operate exclusively for the charitable social welfare of animals
    • Create a pool of volunteers as a source of trained manpower to serve in specific areas
  • Establish care, support and animal protection services to suffering animals in Zanzibar and Pemba