ZASSO has a purpose built clinic with kennels, cattery and paddocks for donkeys. At any one time we have dogs, cats, cows and donkeys which are resident. Some of our residents are waiting to be re-homed or are living with us permanently.

Saturday Clinic

On Saturdays we hold a Community Clinic where local people bring their animals for medical treatment along with free dip-washing and rabies vaccines for dogs and cats. We get a variety of animals cows, goats, dogs, cats and the occasional chicken, duck or rabbit.

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We also do house call through out the week to provide other medical services such as, sterilizations, vaccines, and emergency operations or treatment.

Animal rescue and re-homing

ZAASO always has new animals being brought in either needing to be rescued or can no longer be cared for by their owners and are looked after by the staff until new homes can be found


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Donkey Clinic

ZAASO has also until recently been running a Donkey clinic day every Thursday where we go on the road and treat the working donkeys in Stone Town for free and try to educate the drivers on animal welfare and animal management. However due to lack of funding his has had to be cut down in frequency.