ZAASO currently provides veterinary treatment to any animal in need on the Island of Zanzibar

Sterilization Days

Mass sterilization days set up once every couple of months in a different villages around the Island each time in order to control growing population of strays

School Visits

Increase the number visits to both private and public schools around the island and set up school outings to ZAASO to see work done onsite

Donkey Days

Once every 6 months in addition to the donkey clinic day to treat minor injuries, a free donkey health check day where the donkeys will be given anti parasite ie anthelmintic medication along with an anti rabies day once a year

Zoonotic testing

ZAASO would like to study the wide spread of zoonotic diseases on the Island such as tick born diseases such as Trypanosomiasis, Rabies, TB, Brucellosis, leishmaniosis and Contagious Ecthyma

Tick control

Ticks are a great problem on the island, ZAASO does dip washing to help control the problem but it isn’t enough, need to control crow population so that local bird populations can be re-established, as natural tick control.