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ZAASO is a non-profit NGO horse & donkey sanctuary, and also provides a general animal clinic services.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • Provide the community with education on Animal Rights – animals have a right not to be mishandled!
  • Stop animal overloading, beating, mishandling and animal cruelty
  • Provide education awareness encouraging the affection and love of animals
  • Initiate ZASSO development projects to encourage the active participation of the community in the process of self empowerment
  • Mobilise funds locally and internationally for ZAASO’s development to operate exclusively for the charitable social welfare of animals
  • Create a pool of volunteers as a source of trained manpower to serve in specific areas
  • Establish care, support and animal protection services to suffering animals in Zanzibar and Pemba
6 months ago

High season is in full swing, which means busy-crazy-hectic at ZAASO, across the island top to bottom and sideways for animals in distress. So we're calling for your old, secondhand, cast-off items. ... See more

7 months ago

hi all, would anyone know where we could find more of these? Al-Hafiz B.A. Masri (1914-1992), published in the UK and an office in Kenya but number not working. We'd rather get the official pamphlet ... See more

7 months ago

"Sponsor 2 Spay"
ZAASO is starting another outreach spay campaign for street & stray cats and we appeal to all the kind souls on Zanzibar, visiting Zanzibar, animal lovers - anyone - to donate. (EZY ... See more

7 months ago

As requested, here are the separate sponsor details for the WANTED - SPONSORS FOR ORPHANS project. Attached:

7 months ago
Photos from Zanzibar Animals Affection Society's post

WANTED - SPONSORS FOR ORPHANS. Meet some of the permanent residents of ZAASO, who cannot be rehomed mostly due to severe trauma and abuse. These are our "orphans", the ones with no sponsors. Each one ... See more

7 months ago

Guess what! Remember this fella?

7 months ago
Timeline Photos

Guess what! Remember this fella from a little while back....

7 months ago

Calling animal lovers who are also website savvy.... ZAASO has been busy on a new website, but our designer has fallen ill and isn't well enough to continue through to finish. As she was doing this ... See more

7 months ago
One Ocean Dive Centres

Thanks to everyone at One Ocean for a brilliant day, it was the fun in fundraising for sure !

Huge thanks to the animal lovers that took part to the Donkey Dive&Snorkel!
Great day for a great cause 🙏🏽🌍❤️
Zanzibar Animals Affection Society #zanzibar #charity #community #donkeys ... See more

7 months ago

DONKEY DIVE & DINE! Just a last reminder about tomorrow afternoon's fundraiser being hosted by One Ocean and Taperia.

2pm: Donkey dive ($30) & snorkelling ($10).
Meet at One Ocean office bottom of ... See more

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